Saturday, 2 January 2010

Results of the Poll

The results of the Poll which asked whether we need a Tesco superstore in Glastonbury, are now in.
The Poll was voted on by 33 people, with 4 people who answered "Yes" to the question, and 29 people who answered "No".

So there we have it. A clear and resounding 87% of those polled were against the proposal for a new Tesco superstore in the Glastonbury town area!

Had more people bothered to take the time to view this Blog and vote in the Poll then perhaps we would have a result that is even more profound.
I suspect, however, that this result is a fair indication that the majority of the people of Glastonbury do not want a Tesco superstore in the area.
The url. for this Blog has been clearly posted in a number of local forums and also the local gig guide, and invitations to view, join and post/comment have been made. Which means that many hundreds of people have potentially viewed this Blog. This means that of the total number of people who viewed this Blog, only 33 took the time to vote, and of those people only 4 felt strongly enough about the Tesco proposal to actually vote in favour of it.

Anyone is quite free to comment about this, both here and elsewhere...