Saturday, 13 April 2013

Letters and emails to friends about GMO feed

As this shows, TESCO is just one of the many supermarket chains approving GMO feeds for its animals and animal products. Yet GM foods are proven to cause tumours in scientific trials!
Time for the consumer to insist that clear labelling is ESSENTIAL!

Dear Friend,

Take a look at this graphic released by Food & Water Europe:

They asked all major UK supermarkets which of the products they sell come
from animals reared on non-Genetically Modified (GM) feed. Most of them
couldn't, or wouldn't, tell them. That's not good enough,
so they're asking for our help to get this hidden GM out of the food

Please write to your supermarket today and ask when they will move to
non-GM animal feed. Even people who aren't in the UK can help by
either writing to your own supermarket or helping UK shoppers get what
they need - after all Tesco and other companies operating in the
UK also operate more widely in the EU, and U.S. giant Walmart has
ambitious plans to expand its EU operations beyond the UK.

You can see the graphic and send a message to them right now by
following this link:

Thanks for helping!

Friday, 12 April 2013


TESCO 'food' is polluted and dangerous rubbish, designed to toxify the masses!

And TESCO are PART OF THE PROBLEM when it comes to corrupt politicians, corrupt work schemes and slave labour, corrupt land deals, corrupt councils, corrupt politicians and government, corrupt society full of people without the will to question 'authority'!

Every Little Hurts at TESCO!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

TESCO worried about their profits!

TESCO don't care about people or communities, only their profits!

People that shop at TESCO are supporting the types of corporations that are ruining local economies and providing poor quality foods from cheap labour.
As the article below reveals, TESCO have also been abusing the current governments policies of forcing benefit claimants to work for their meagre benefits!

Every Little Hurts at TESCO!