Wednesday, 26 January 2011

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Tesco application - we still have time to object!

I spoke to Ed Baker, the Mendip planning officer yesterday afternoon (Monday). He said the recent (resubmitted) application from Tesco to build its superstore on the site of Avalon Plastics had only technically been received on Thursday January 20th. Once again, there seems to be a lot of confusion about this application (not surprisingly) , but according to him we now have until the 10th February to submit letters opposing the new store (ie three weeks from the submission of the application) .

So... please write to or quoting ref. 2010/2821 - the planning application no.

There is a sample letter on the Tesconbury blogsite. If you want extra information, the document to look at is on the national Department of Communities website. Their planning document PPS4 sets out new planning guidelines ( a couple of years old) which local councils are supposed to follow.

Would anyone like to help organise a petition? This has been done in other towns facing the same (repeated) challenge.


Philippa Glasson

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  1. There's an e-petition about supermarket power here:

    Please sign it, tweet it, facebook it, and let's get this debated in parliament. This petition originates in Frome. Thanks! Patrick