Saturday, 2 April 2011

Interesting letters...

The 2 newly posted letters, addressed to Edward Baker at Mendip D.C Planning Dept, and cc. to Canynge Bicknell, Peter Evans Partnership, and Beachcroft LLP, are just 2 of a number of letters of objection to the current Tesco application. These 2 are probably the most interesting and informative.

As viewers of the letters will quickly realise, MDC and its Planning Dept have known since February that there is no question whatsoever that the Tesco application goes against national and local planning policies and therefore, should permission be granted by MDC, the issue will be 'called-in' again by the Secretary of State, directly because it raises "issues of more than local concern".

Some viewers may be asking questions as to why it is that some of Glastonbury's local councillors are still attempting to fool the local population by supporting the Tesco application and pretending that they have any real say in the matter! Surely enough time and money has been wasted on this issue? Why is is that some local politicians are attempting to foist a plan upon Glastonbury that so clearly goes against national and local planning policies? Why are local councillors giving any support to such a plan when it is a cynical attempt to avoid clearly laid out policies designed to protect roads and buildings, secure proper access for local people, and ensure that industrial and retail areas are kept distinct? When Tesco is clearly trying to avoid using Wirral Park Road retail access, and the cost of crossing the 'Ransom Strip' along the front of the site, thereby flouting local planning policies, why do councillors support the application at all?
As is obvious, Tesco altered their plan (making the building a bit smaller) and reapplied because they have the impression that their plan will be accepted by MDC. Some folk may want to ask 'who' gave Tesco that impression and why!

Surely, at a time of pending local elections, local representatives need to be asked such questions, so that we can ensure that any elected official is indeed acting in the local interest?

An even more interesting letter!

Interesting letter