Wednesday, 31 August 2011


The more the message gets out the better. When folk see each other taking a stand against corporate theft of local revenue and jobs, and the threats against local producers and markets, then even more will act!

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Questions, questions...

The questions in some peoples' minds will be as to what has changed so much that Tesco are being allowed to resubmit their truly stupid plan?
Why are Tesco resubmitting a bad plan during a holiday period?
Could it be that the new personnel involved (in GTC and MDC) are going against their own guidelines?
If 'public servants' are going against their own guidelines and therefore against their 'conditions of office' (oaths), can they be held to account for Misuse of Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds?
Why are Glastonbury councillors in favour of a corporation taking revenue out of the area and causing job losses in real terms?
With Tesco's record of 'incentives' and large payoffs to local councils, how much have MDC and GTC been offered?
Why is the issue of the Tesco's refusal to pay for the Ransom Strip along Wirral Park Road and retail access via a retail access route, still not being addressed?
What do local councillors know about the Ransom Strip and its conditions, who owns the Ransom Strip, and what are they asking Tesco to pay for crossing it?
How will small roads into an industrial estate cope with a volume of traffic that they were not designed for?
Why will local pedestrians have to walk all the way to the crossing on Street Road and then come back along Beckery New Road in order to get to the site, when the logical entrance to the site is via Wirral Park Road?
Why is Dyehouse Lane even being considered as a viable access route to the proposed Tesco carpark and entrance?
Is the boss of Avalon Plastics still pushing for Tesco plan acceptance because he faces some form of liability should Tesco not be granted permission to build its badly designed store?
Are there other individuals in the town and council with vested interests in the Tesco plan?
Why are local councillors, planning committee and planning officers, being allowed to make a mockery of carefully considered and laid out planning policies at local and national levels?
Why are local councillors, planning committee and planning officers being allowed to ride roughshod over significant local opinion and local business interest, at a time when the economy has been virtually ruined by criminally acting corporations and when the resilience of local economy is vital to protect/enhance?
How many of the more recently elected councillors (Green, independent, LibDem, Labour), who outnumber the Tories on GTC, actually in favour of the proposal? If so who are they?

Other folk may have other questions. Feel free to post them!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Comment: It's the same bad plan!

Tesco is at it again, now with their new 'sympathetic' Planning Officer!
Whatever the new application, the plan is still against National and Local Planning Policies, directly because it forces retail traffic through an industrial estate and along roads that cannot accommodate two lanes of traffic.
The only reason for any change in Mendip D.C planning is because there are private for profit corporations operating local councils and they have private interest (are receiving substantial 'incentives') for allowing Tesco into communities whether there is any benefit or not. This sad story smacks of corruption at the highest level!
As already presented very clearly, Tesco offers no jobs of any worth, costs local jobs in far greater numbers than the few part time jobs it creates, impacts very negatively on local economies (just look at Shepton Mallet!), buys up land around the country to speculate on the destruction of local communities and retail outlets, and repeatedly attempts to flout planning policies!
The bottom line that all interested folk need to know is that the Tesco plan is NOT lawful. It is against our own local guidelines!
If implemented it WILL impact negatively on the local economy, on traffic and roads, on local resilience and sustainability. The plan is unworkable!
Yet again Tesco is using a bad plan to save paying the cost of the Ransom Strip on Wirral Park Road. It will have its back to Glastonbury with no proper access for local people!
Why anyone is supporting this flouting of planning laws is incredible!

Just posted message

From Glastonbury Noticeboard:

The application by Tesco to establish a store on the former Avalon Plastics site (near B and Q) is going to be heard by the Planning Board on 31 August (next Wednesday) at 6.30 pm in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Shepton Mallet.

Unfortunately the new Planning Officer at Mendip, Les Kimberley, is approving this application. There is a maximum of three minutes for all opposing to speak against this and Nick Cottle says he will speak, which seems very appropriate as he is on the Council, was formerly Mayor etc. But it would obviously be great if some of those who are opposed could be present either outside - as a protest group - or in the Chamber. Sadly I can't be there but if anyone is interested in organising something please do so!!

Philippa Glasson