Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TESCO - prosecuting the poor for taking waste food!

TESCO - throwing away pallets of food and charging people that take any as 'thieves'!


TESCO throw away food to maintain prices and don't give a damn about people with little or no money!
The TESCO heiress is ex-'Dame' Shirley Porter who STOLE millions of Public Funds from Westminster for the benefit of Tories there. She was valued at £80 to £300 million but got away with most of her theft when she settled for £12.3 million against a penalty of £42 million.
With TESCO it's SCAM after SHAM!

Every Little Hurts at TESCO!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

"Foul smell" at TESCO

Tesco recalls own brand squash drink with customers complaining of 'foul smell'
“I then checked the second bottle and that smell just as bad the only away to describe the smell was it smelt like it had been mixed with used toilet water.
“Needless to say they were both poured down the sink and it will be the last time I buy their squash.”


"Parents were told to return bottles of the Double Concentrate Blackcurrant and Apple Squash as staff reportedly told customers “foreign bodies” had been detected in it."
Did TESCO include fecal material in their squash?

TESCO - Every Little Hurts!

TESCO - Investigated for FRAUD and "fallen from grace"!

"A giant which has fallen from grace"
"...take years for them to get in a position where they can compete again"
"...facing a criminal investigation into how it overstated its profits."

BBC Panorama Trouble at Tesco Documentary 2015

TESCO have impacted badly on suppliers for years - now it's time for 'payback'!

TESCO - Every Little Hurts!

From "retail juggernaut" to collapsing & "revival plan", and all in a couple of years!

They aspired to be the top, 'infecting' the country with their stores:


But then it all went wrong!


Now struggling TESCO is sacking thousands of people and closing 43 stores.


TESCO closures - coming to a store near you!
TESCO - Every Little Hurts!