Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tesco cheap labour scheme

So this is the type of cheap labour jobs that Glastonbury T.C and Mendip D.C want for locals? Is this why G.T.C and M.D.C are flouting both local and national planning laws?

35 hours a week for £50 on top of benefits? For a 'internship' learning how to stack shelves? And maybe get a full time job at the end? It's little more than slave labour!

Surely GTC and MDC would be better investing in local jobs with local companies, local business units, companies that treat workers fairly and pay proper wages? But what is proposed instead, is useless cheap labour jobs with a well-known multinational company that on average causes 276 local job losses for every large supermarket it builds (statistic courtesy of Tescopoly) and removes money from local circulation. And the same company is famous for bringing imported foods which replace local producers and local markets!

The only explanation for allowing such an abusive and thieving multinational into local communities around Britain is the level of payoffs that Tesco gives to the local councils.
With £6m given by Tesco to Somerset C.C as an 'incentive' for the new Bridgewater super store, and with S.C.C owned by SouthwestOne Ltd (IBM), it is easy to see who is really profiting from the introduction of Tesco stores into local areas. With the extensive cutbacks in public services being implemented across Somerset, it certainly is NOT the people of Somerset who are being served by such large payoffs!

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Support locally...

With the extreme pressure on the British economy as a result of bank bailouts and support for unlawful wars, it really is time to support local production and local independent retailers.

Local resilience means that as much as possible it "Must Be British"!

Sunday, 4 September 2011