Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tesco is applying pressure!

It seems that Tesco will now be embarking on high pressure lobbying of Glastonbury ward councillors and the Mendip Planning Committee to try and force through their development proposals.
What they wish to achieve is actually contrary to planning rules, as they wish to get their proposals waved through on the nod as a modification of their existing plan, when the rules clearly state that they must make a new submission which would be rejected. They must be stopped from doing this.
If they are allowed to get away with it the consequences will be catastrophic for Glastonbury. We will be stuck with an unworkable road system (as clearly explained in previous posts and on GWells), and a Tesco store with subsidiary Tesco outlets all orientated towards Street and away from Glastonbury with all the concomitant negative impacts to Glastonbury town centre that that would engender !
We already know that that site will be developed as a retail outlet and that the development may even be a Tesco; if it is, let's make sure that we can at least retain the ability to determine the level of the impact that such a project will have on us !
We need to make it absolutely clear to our councillors that they will never be returned again if they betray the town and people they represent by selling out to Tesco. The only argument that they had for doing so was that a failure to concede to Tesco would see Butler and Avalon Plastics quit Glastonbury; that is no longer the case as he has already received his £6,750,000 pay off.....a full £2,500,000 more than the original assessment of the site's worth!

So yet again Tesco is revealed as a bunch of cheats who prefer to shirk the planning process and official local and national planning policies, by imposing retail access through an industrial estate and along roads that cannot take retail traffic (Beckery Rd/Beckery New Road and Dyehouse Lane), and all because they are too mean to pay for access via Wirral Park Road and cross the current ransom strip.

Shame on the councillors who support Tesco! They are a disgrace to their oath of office and to their claim to be appointed to administer public funds in any way whatsoever!

Time is now crucial ! The end game will be played out between now and early April. If we make enough effort we can win this!

One last push !