Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ransom Strips

There's been a lot of comment going around about the 'ransom strips' that are apparently having a profound affect on the Tesco plan.
These 'ransom strips' are bits of land that are owned by various individuals and companies, which are seemingly blocking Tesco's plans to get proper access to their proposed site.
Some locals have been speculating about who owns the 'ransom strip' that is causing such a problem. 
Some others have been speculating about a 'ransom strip' that they claim to be only 3 inches wide! This suggestion is of course absurdly incorrect!
Interestingly, the local-owned 'ransom strips' are essentially irrelevant.
As far as the Wirral Park Road 'ransom strips' are concerned, it is worth noting that almost every property is subject to 'ransom strips' pertaining to a major international PLC.
One question might be as to why local politicians don't seem to know about this major international PLC and which 'ransom strips' it owns?
Or are certain people being deliberately evasive and focusing upon the local-owned 'ransom strips' when they must know that these are irrelevant?
Could such people be attempting to distract away from the actual negotiations around the real issues?

No doubt such questions will be answered soon enough!

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