Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tax-dodging TESCO

So is that why TESCO has been dodging taxes?

Surely that means ALL TESCO shoppers are supporting tax-dodgers!

TESCO dodgy?

MORE dodgy land deals by dodgy TESCO!

Every Little Hurts at TESCO!

TESCO shares up?

How strange that when TESCO closes another business its shares rise in value!

So when thousands more jobs are to be lost due to irresponsible and unethical trading, tax-dodging and slave labour, some weird humans regard TESCO as 'more desirable'??

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

TESCO - Slave Labour!

There have been a number of articles about Tesco's involvement in Workfare (forced/free labour). Tesco claim that they do not take part in such schemes and ask people to view their statement about the matter.

For the claim to be valid by Tesco that they do not take part in forced labour schemes they should be able to back up their claim by supplying the following (and telling people where the information can be directly obtained from within their organisation):

(1) Copies of the relevant documentation/correspondence between themselves and the Department of Work and Pensions that shows clearly that no one on Job Seekers Allowance that decides to drop out of a placement with Tesco will lose any of their JSA.

(2) Copies of written assurances that they give to any trainees on placements that they will not lose benefits if they drop out of their placement.

(3) Copies of documentation that show that trainees if told by by Tesco that they will be guaranteed a job at the end of their placement that show that the trainee is allowed to complete a Tesco standard application for employment with the company before the trainee decides whether or not to to volunteer for a placement (this being for the purposes of making sure that trainee has the opportunity to disclose all relevant information to Tesco which may barr them from being offered employment on completion of their placement)

People who shop at TESCO are complicit in their crimes!

Saturday, 24 November 2012


What a shame that there has been SO MUCH complacency about, and actual support for, the TESCO plan in the Glastonbury area!
EVERYONE who visits this site can help prevent corporate abuse of Glastonbury's magical views and sign this petetion!

Local people should BOYCOTT GLASTONBURY TESCO to protect our local economy, local jobs, local services, local produce, and reduce traffic, AND NOT SUPPORT a company that actively supported the Badger cull and is a known and PROVEN TAX-DODGER!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TESCO and Workfare

The scandal of TESCO and its involvement with the 'slave labour' scheme 'Workfare', is further revealed here:

TESCO have a history of abuse of workers and their rights. They are refusing to stop being involved in the government's cheap labour scheme and are showing themselves to be the truly rotten employers and corrupt multi-national corporation that they are!

There is nothing sustainable about having TESCO stores in this area. Most of their workers are part-time cheap-labour shelf-stackers with no rights.
Supporting TESCO is akin to being complicit in GRAND THEFT from our local economy!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

TESCO sacks workers

Some people in Glastonbury and Street seem to 'believe' that TESCO will honour promises and care about any local jobs or services! The record shows that TESCO does NOT honour promises and is an abusive and lying multinational corporation that costs local jobs in EVERY community it establishes itself!

Tesco exploits the unemployed on workfare - now Tesco sacks WORKERS.

A PROTEST was staged against plans to slash a large number of jobs currently held by lorry drivers who deliver produce to Tesco stores.

The jobs in jeopardy are with haulage company Eddie Stobart Ltd. and 200 drivers from the Doncaster depot, which serves Tesco stores in Yorkshire, are set to lose out and be replaced by lower-
paid drivers within 90 days.

Tesco transferred their drivers to Eddie Stobart (ESL) in August, resulting in a loss of their pension schemes and other benefits enjoyed whilst employed by Tesco.

One month after the transfer drivers were told Eddie Stobart would terminate their contracts.

Unite the Union regional officer Harriet Eisner said: “The drivers are furious at the way they have been treated by this management which seems hell-bent on throwing them onto the dole queue by Christmas.

“The strike action will severely disrupt supplies to Tesco stores across the region, but Tesco has only itself to blame since it washed its hands of the drivers when it transferred them to Eddie Stobart in August. More strikes are on the cards until this dispute is resolved.”

Tesco drivers took two days of strike action recently - with great support from the Doncaster public - after ESL issued 90-days’ notice of termination of employment.

In August, the transport workforce was transferred from Tesco to ESL and then on 5 September, ESL issued notice of termination of employment, with no promise that the drivers will be re-employed once the 90-days are up.

Unite had campaigned for these jobs to be safeguarded once the TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking [Protection of Employment] arrangements) came into force at the beginning of August.

In 2011 Tesco profited £3.8bn and paid their highest paid director £1.6m.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

HOW CAN ANYONE SUPPORT KNOWN CORPORATE TAX-DODGERS, while our public services are being slashed, billions of pounds are being given to the EU and to illegal wars/invasions, while trillions of pounds are being hoarded in offshore accounts and being proven 'laundered' through banks in the City of London (such as HSBC and RBS), and while the general taxes keep rising, inflation rises regularly, and more and more draconian measures are implemented against the inalienable rights of most people?
Judge: “The public need to be reassured that people who defraud public funds as you have done regularly and over a long period of time will be punished.”

So how does TESCO get away with millions of pounds of criminal tax evasion and not face any criminal charges?
Surely folk who are concerned about the cuts in public services, due to the hoarding of trillions by the banksters and corporations, whilst governments give the same corporations and banks massive subsidies, bailouts and bonuses, will want to show their concern by shopping with local and honest businesses!
Could it be that the culture of corruption, that is so prevalent these days, has meant that the corporations that administer councils, police, courts, government, etc are 'fixing-it' for each other to avoid taxes and become extremely wealthy while the rest of us see our incomes fall and public services disappear? Could bribery and/or extortion be involved?

Monday, 22 October 2012

TESCO will do almost anything for money, including cheap labour, selling totally unethically, bribing governments and local officials, avoiding tax, buying up available land and building stores where none are needed so as to make a loss for yet more tax fraud, list not exhaustive!

The horror of TESCO selling live packaged Turtles in their supermarkets!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sadly for many potential shoppers, Tesco appears to be fully behind the national cull of Badgers, despite there being absolutely NO science that proves any real connection between TB in Badgers and TB in the anti-biotic, hormone, organo-phosphate, toxic dairy Cattle that are used for the bulk of the Tesco dairy range. Perhaps more Tesco shoppers need to know about this and then they can make rational and ethical decisions that reflect the truth?
As many are aware, Tesco has gone ahead, been constructed and under completion, thanks to the changes in National Planning Laws introduced by the ConDemAll. The changes in planning policies have meant that what was an industrial estate can now be retail and roads that were restricted to industrial traffic only can now also be used for retail traffic. In some areas of the country there is building going ahead in gardens and greenbelt land which couldn't be built upon previously.

As well as Tesco, there is the spectre of the Premier Inn, with new pub and restaurant in direct competition with the town, being allowed by the now infamous Glastonbury Town Council Planning Committee! So much for the 'greens' in the council, eh? It seems that the Premier Inn was given permission by the local Planning Committee but not the MDC Planning Officer, despite local objections. Actually there was so much complacency locally that it was a 'smooth ride' for the project! Perhaps local folk were 'hypnotised' by the Olympics and 'Royal' celebrations?

As regards Tesco, it is puzzling to many as to how the issue of the Ransom Strip along the front of Wirral Park Road was solved. One person from Glastonbury Town Council suggested that Mayor Ian Tucker had bought the Ransom Strip and then flogged it cheap to Tesco, presumably in an attempt to get the new Tesco store up and running (he'll be cutting the ribbon no doubt!)? Which is probably just as well for Tesco, as they were too tight-fisted to pay the full asking price of the Ransom Strip, of about 33% of the value of the site (Keith Butler sold the site to Tesco for approx £6.5 million). So if Ian Tucker has flogged it off cheap then he must have paid the multinational PLC, that previously owned it, their asking price! Or was another deal worked out?
 Did Tesco re-offer the '£140,000 sweetener' (previously at £70,00 each) to Glastonbury and Street councils? Did they increase the amount, or just bribe individuals?
The facts may emerge in time!

 As many will remember, the SWRDA was guilty of squandering £19 million on the Morlands site before it left the mess and denied any reponsibility. What was of concern to many was the fact that SWRDA had given at least £30,000 to Common Purpose, money given to it from Public Funds, which it used for 'training purposes' with a secret organisation which refuses to publish accounts or the content of meetings. It is this kind of history that does nothing to ensure confidence in local politicians and administrators while they abuse their offices and misuse public funds. The question on some folk's lips is "who are they really serving?".

Monday, 20 February 2012

Tesco Boycott!

Boycott Tesco's! We want a huge national boycott of Tesco's. There are many reasons to boycott, from their involvement with child exploitation labour in the third world, to their workfare schemes in the UK. For more information and a full list of reasons why we think a boycott of a should happen then please read this link:

To take part, then simply avoid shopping at Tesco and recruit people to do likewise. Create boycott Tesco leaflets and spread the word to your local area.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Useless jobs at Tesco!

Tesco deny using 'work experience' scheme to hire workers without pay, but admit that only 300 out of 1400 actually got the useless shelf-stacking and other cheap labour jobs!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Slave-Labour Law

Just a quick note to you all who are forced into working or risk having your benefits cut.
Under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which the UK are part of:
The main rights protected by Section 1 ECHR that are incorporated into English law are listed in SCH 1 HRA (Human Rights Act) 1998. They are as follows:
(Number 3 on the list is:) The prohibition of slavery and forced Labour
Remember this and quote this to the Job Centre next time they tell you that you have no choice!!!

The Forced Labour Convention No. 29 (1930) bears particular relevance and defines forced labour as:
a) all work or service;
b) which is not voluntary;
c) and is exacted under the menace of a penalty.

Please circulate widely to stop Tesco, and the private corporations administering the Job Centres and UK plc government, and their criminal activity!

Complaints to Tesco

For folk who feel strongly about the issues of cheap labour and slavery, this is the man to complain to and/or email to about Tesco's 'newly discovered' slave labour.

Tesco's CEO:

You can also find the main office address online and send written copies to the same man!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Tesco forced to change!

The revelations about Tesco using slave labour schemes has forced them to adopt a different position! Their policy is 'do whatever we want until we're found out'!

Tesco slavery is 'old news'!

As this article shows, Tesco has been treating its workers and producers like slaves for many years!

Tesco Slave Labour Conspiracy!

Support for Tesco is support for slave labour!

It appears that the ConDemAll government is conspiring with Tesco to provide unpaid jobs to force a number of the jobless folk into work. In this case the fact that the work is unpaid means that this is an example of forced labour (slavery)!

A reminder about Slavery:

STATUTE BREACH for Slavery in the UK

Contrary to Ss 2 and 10 of The Slave Trade Act 1824

" every such case the person or persons so offending, and their procurers, counsellors, aiders, and abettors, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

Shame on Tesco for being involved in this criminal use of public funds, and serious Misuse of Public Office by the corporate owned UK plc government!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Excess packaging?

Concerned about excess packaging in supermarkets? Tired of having to sort it out and put it in your bin? Would like to let that supermarket know about their excess packaging and sort the problem out?
Here is an excellent solution:
Send all excess packaging back to the supermarkets, using their customer services FREEPOST address with a note enclosed that reads "Thank you, I don't want this. Please cut back on your packaging".
In that way you can be influencing their policies and helping them to be responsible for their waste, and for their failure to use biodegradable packaging
despite many ethical companies doing so already!
Please do network the addresses widely, especially to anyone using the specific supermarkets.

Send to the following FREEPOST addresses:

Tesco Customer Services

PO Box 137

ASDA Contact Centre
Asda House
Great Wilson Street
LS11 5AD

The Co-operative Group, Customer Relations,
Freepost MR9473,
M4 8BA

W. H. Smith Retail Ltd.

Waitrose & John Lewis Partnership
RG12 8HX

* The following are not FREEPOST addresses but if you send items without postage paid they have to pay anyway.

Marks and Spencer plc
Returns Department,
48 Hardwick Grange, Woolston,
United Kingdom

Customer Service Department
Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC
Hilmore House
Gain Lane

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The current Occupation and safety issues

Avalon Plastics was built in 1969. Its neighbour was the Glastonbury Rugby Club next to Street Road, now the site of B&Q. The retail site was built during the 1980s and '90s with B&Q and Wollens, etc, as a retail 'buffer' between the expanding town and industrial estate. The Avalon Plastics site was therefore the only industrial site amongst the retail sites. When Avalon Plastics closed and the site was sold, Tesco became the potential remaining retail component of the retail area.
If not for the failure to meet with local and national planning policies, by potentially driving retail traffic through an industrial area and along unsuitable roads, and the failure to provide pedestrian and bicycle access from the retail side (and across the existing Ransom Strip along Wirral Park Road), there may already have been a retail store trading on the site.
To develop the site, there must be an extensive decontamination of the buildings and land, something that has yet to be started. Now, with an occupation of the site in progress, the issue of the state of the old building has been raised. Whilst the condition of the site is little different to many other closed industrial sites, it should be noted that before being suitable for human occupation and use, it MUST be decontaminated.

The potentially hazardous materials present on the site, lead to the following considerations:
- Asbestos - various types used in the roofing and manufacturing.
- 40 years of the processing of materials of the plastics industry, including releasing agents, industrial oils and a wide range of plastic materials and fillers.
- The flooring of the main building is unsealed and so will be contaminated with a combination of the above materials.
- The buildings, including the offices, are unfit for human habitation due to types of dust, vapours, and other forms of contamination, from the main building.
- The site is filthy and cannot be cleaned properly due to no electricity or proper cleaning equipment. This means that what cleaning has been done was by brush and/or domestic equipment which are clearly inadequate for the job.

The proposals for a 'community centre' and/or 'gallery' in the buildings, a vegetable and local produce market, and the creation of a pizza oven (for 'donation') before the site is decontaminated have not properly considered the serious risks to health presented by the site, especially to people not taking precautions with safety clothing, dust-masks, etc. Preparing food and drinks for consumption on site is clearly unsafe.

On the leaflets that were handed out on the High Street recently was the question: "How have TESCO managed to get permission to retail food on a site only a stone's throw downwind from Street and Glastonbury's sewage works?", yet food and drink is being provided on the site already!
As the Red Brick Building cafe is fully functional and Bride's Yard Shop has been selling foods for many years, both very close to the sewage works, the issue is not the proximity to the sewage works but the industrial residue which will remain on the site until the existing derelict buildings are demolished and the site is professionally cleared and decontaminated.

Whilst the sentiments of the occupation are mostly admirable, due to the serious hazard to participants and visitors, the Tesconbury focus group cannot recommend the occupation at this time and urge caution to anyone thinking of being on the site. We feel that use of the existing derelict buildings for any kind of food and drink preparation is inappropriate and irresponsible, and should cease immediately.

Comments invited...