Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tax-dodging TESCO

So is that why TESCO has been dodging taxes?

Surely that means ALL TESCO shoppers are supporting tax-dodgers!

TESCO dodgy?

MORE dodgy land deals by dodgy TESCO!

Every Little Hurts at TESCO!

TESCO shares up?

How strange that when TESCO closes another business its shares rise in value!

So when thousands more jobs are to be lost due to irresponsible and unethical trading, tax-dodging and slave labour, some weird humans regard TESCO as 'more desirable'??

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

TESCO - Slave Labour!

There have been a number of articles about Tesco's involvement in Workfare (forced/free labour). Tesco claim that they do not take part in such schemes and ask people to view their statement about the matter.

For the claim to be valid by Tesco that they do not take part in forced labour schemes they should be able to back up their claim by supplying the following (and telling people where the information can be directly obtained from within their organisation):

(1) Copies of the relevant documentation/correspondence between themselves and the Department of Work and Pensions that shows clearly that no one on Job Seekers Allowance that decides to drop out of a placement with Tesco will lose any of their JSA.

(2) Copies of written assurances that they give to any trainees on placements that they will not lose benefits if they drop out of their placement.

(3) Copies of documentation that show that trainees if told by by Tesco that they will be guaranteed a job at the end of their placement that show that the trainee is allowed to complete a Tesco standard application for employment with the company before the trainee decides whether or not to to volunteer for a placement (this being for the purposes of making sure that trainee has the opportunity to disclose all relevant information to Tesco which may barr them from being offered employment on completion of their placement)

People who shop at TESCO are complicit in their crimes!